Friday, August 18, 2006

Croquet and Sophie :united

The combination of these great software technologies gives the complete solution for building next generated multimedia.
We could develop the 3D real-time (Croquet and OpenGL) applications with XUL (Sophie - Tweak-Rome and XML-CSS) based 2D user interfaces and multilanguage support (Sophie Unicode FontManager and FreeType fonts).
I'have tried to unite it using the current avaliable versions,
It works!

To try you need:
  1. Croquet v1.0 beta
  2. Download additional resources (all in one zip file: 'Fonts/resources/bin' shoud be extracted in root Croquet folder).
  3. Install all packages from SqueakSource repository . (load into working image manualy or using CroquetSophie.mcm)
  4. In 'Workspace' execute: SophieSystem installFonts. SophiePreferences setupPreferences.
  5. From 'Objects' run VMuseum (Master)