Sunday, July 28, 2013

Curved Space Explorer for Squeak

Want to introduce the Curved Space Explorer for Squeak project,  known as CCSE by Krestianstvo SDK.
It is a Smalltalk port version of Curved Spaces, originally developed by Jeff Weeks ( in C language.
This Squeak version is derived from Krestianstvo SDK project's version, where Curved Space Explorer is collaborative in it's nature and available mainly for distributed computation.
The aim of this project is to make Curved Space Explorer in Smalltalk being available for the large Smalltalk audience and mainstream Squeak distribution, so that anybody interested could work with it.
The project is Open Source and the code is available here:

To run the CCSE you need to download the latest Squeak distribution from the official site
Also I recommend to use the latest Smalltalk CogVM from the
and in the running image, execute in the workspace:

"1. Load FFI"

(Installer repository: '')   
 install: 'FFI-Pools';   
 install: 'FFI-Kernel';    
install: 'FFI-Tests'.

"2. Load 3DTransform "

(Installer repository: '')
    install: '3DTransform'.

"3. Load OpentGL and CCSE"

(Installer repository: '')
    install: 'OpenGL-Pools';
    install: 'OpenGL-Core';
    install: 'OpenGL-NameManager';
    install: 'CCSpaceExplorer'.

"4. Run sample application"

CCSEMorphRender runApp

" Help

In running application there are some options available using the keyboard and mouse:

"up" and "down" arrows on the keyboard - speed of the ship movement
"left" and "right" arrows on the keyboard - change aperture

mouse move with left button pressed - rotation of the ship
mouse move with left button pressed and shift pressed - translation of the ship

press "o" on keyboard - switch between "head" and "body" rotation
press "p" on keyboard - switching on stereo (anaglyph) mode
press "l" on keyboard - switching shaders support (only for Mac OS X for now)


Also you can use the preinstalled image from here:

Happy exploring!

OpenGL procedural textures generator (by David Faught) for Squeak 4.4

Repost from mail list to blog

I have successfully proceeded in running TweakCore on the recent Squeak 4.4 trunk image (from Jenkins).
And one of the famous existed applications developed in Tweak is the OpenGL procedural textures generator by David Faught.
I make it also loadable to the current Squeak.  

You could download the ready to run image from here:
execute in the workspace in own image:

"1. Load FFI"
(Installer repository: '')
    install: 'FFI-Pools';
    install: 'FFI-Kernel';
    install: 'FFI-Tests'..

"2. Load CroquetGL " 
(Installer repository: '')
    install: '3DTransform';
    install: 'OpenGL-Pools';
    install: 'OpenGL-Core'.

"3. Load TweakCore and Procedural textures application for Tweak"
(Installer repository: '')
    install: 'tweakcore';
    install: 'Tweak-OpenGL-sn.3'.

"4. Set the default settings in Tweak"    
CDefaultWidgetLibrary setDefaultSettings.

"5. Run one of two examples"
CProjectMorph open: Wrinkle1.
CProjectMorph open: Wrinkle2.

The attached screenshot shows the running application.