Saturday, December 26, 2009

Collada file import in Kresetianstvo SDK

Thanks to Open Cobalt Collada file importer project, now this feature is available and in Krestianstvo SDK 1.0.1a.
So, that one could import the models in *.dae, *.kmz Collada format (for example from Google 3D Warehouse).

And then compose your space, while dragging/rotating the edit boxes with the models.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Krestianstvo SDK v1.0.1a is updated to Seaside 3.0 and Magritte 2.0

The new updated Krestianstvo SDK 1.0.1a is available for download.

It includes all recent updates from the Krestianstvo SDK 1.0a version:
  • Collaborative Curved Space Explorer with the new avatar logic
  • Seaside 3.0 (up to 24 December 2009)
  • Magritte 2.0 (up to 24 December 2009)
  • Krestianstvo XUL 3D
  • Sophie XUL 2D
  • OMeta
  • Lazy collections
  • OSC protocol support
  • Smalltalk programming on Russian
Also, I have updated the scripts for loading Seaside 3.0 and Magritte 2.0 to any Croquet based image.
Just file in them into the image:


Обновленная версия Крестьянство SDK 1.0.1a доступна для скачивания.

Включает в себя все обновления из Крестьянство SDK 1.0a:
  • Многопользовательский исследователь искривленных пространств с новой логикой Виртуального Я
  • Seaside 3.0 (24 Декабря 2009)
  • Magritte 2.0 (24 Декабря 2009)
  • Крестьянство XUL 3D
  • Sophie XUL 2D
  • OMeta
  • Ленивые коллекции (Lazy collections)
  • OSC протокол
  • Smalltalk программирование на Русском языке
Так же я подготовил сценарии для загрузки Seaside 3.0 and Magritte 2.0 в любой (практически) образ Croquet.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Avatars collaboration in CCSE shared space

In the recent update, the Croquet TUserAvatarReplica logic for CCSpaceExplorer ship was presented.
It allows to see yourself ship and other user's ships, while flying in the same space at the same time.
On screen shot one's can see the two space-ships, they represents the two Croquet avatars, entered the Curved space. Physically, they are running on two different machines and controled by real users.
So, potentially there could be any number of participants, observing self rotations/translations/ actions in space as and others at the same time.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Collaborative Curved Space Explorer v1.0 on Croquet

Happy to announce, that the first version of Collaborative Curved Space Explorer - CCSE SDK 1.0a is out!
Some words about it.
Collaborative Curved Space Explorer (CCSE) - is viewed to be in future the full-featured multi-user toolbox for exploring the structure of curved spaces in 3D (based on Croquet) with real-time rendering in curved spaces. Jeff Weeks originally developed (and continue developing now) the application Curved Spaces for exploring and rendering curved spaces in real-time using C language. CCSE is actually the port of it main part into Smalltalk and Croquet. Thus it allows to run complex time-based simulations and achieve a very deep level of collaborative interactions.

The library of the spaces is included, but more spaces could be generated with SnapPea application, suited for creating and studying 3-manifolds.

CCSE is pure Smalltalk, FFI is used only in OpenGL part, which means, that it is highly dynamical, allowing to do any changes to the code just at runtime.

Features in the version:

- Rendering of curved spaces in Croquet
- 3D Stereo (anaglyph) support viewing
- Shaders support (only Mac OS X for now)

The CCSE consists mostly of code. The needed file resources are just the preview images of spaces needed for the UI (resources).

Mainly it is developed under the Krestianstvo project and included in it's update stream.
Download the latest distribution (on Russian)

The English source code repository, Open Croquet distributions compatible is here:
Ready-to-go image with contents (Croquet 1.0.25 SDK)

For Open Cobalt support check the repository:
Ready-to-go image with contents (OpenCobalt-1.0alpha1rc26)

Thanks and happy exploring!