Saturday, July 31, 2010

Krestianstvo SDK 1.1 is avaliable

Krestianstvo SDK 1.1 is available for download and now it is based on the new Squeak 4.1 image!

SDK includes:

1. Working version of Collaborative Curved Space Explorer
2. Examples of Seaside 3.0 and Open Croquet integration in web browser with Comet support.
3. Examples of Collaborative coding trough web-browser on several images running Open Croquet
4. Open Sophie CSS/XUL logic for describing Tweak user interfaces.
4. Math examples on matrices and vectors in Krestianstvo's learning 3D space
5. OSC remote controlling support
6. 3d vision (red/blue) support
7. Tool for building multi-pixel projection walls or CAVE

and more..

Happy exploring!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Open Croquet running on Squeak 4.1

Yes, now it is possible...!
This is very experimental, but working announce.
Open Croquet code from 1.0.18 SDK is now working in new Squeak 4.1 image and even ready to run on Cog VM.

Download to try it out:
image with all needed content (full):
just image

Images are based on updated Squeak4.2-10160-alpha.