Monday, August 13, 2007

Krestianstvo/Igrishe on the road.

Just want to make a small report on using the Croquet and Squeak stuff in production environment.
So, here is the list of Art museums in Russia, that began using the Igrishe framework, and are showing the art installations on it now:
  1. State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow)
  2. State Russian Museum (St'Petersburg)
  3. Samara's State Art Museum (Samara)
(The first two - are the main art museums in Russia)

Internatioanl conferences, where Croquet SDK based Krestianstvo/Igrishe applications were demonstarated.
  1. EVA Russia 2006 (Moscow)
  2. InterMuseum 2007 ( Moscow)
  3. ADIT-2007 (Saratov)
Soon opening:
and it is only just beginig.