Friday, November 26, 2010

Microsoft Kinect sensor in Krestianstvo SDK

Want to share my early experiments with the novel controller from Microsoft: Kinect, fine working in Krestianstvo SDK (based on Smalltalk dialect Squeak/Croquet). Here you could find an interesting list of projects and ideas already evolving using Kinect in different programming languages (c, c++, of, max/msp, processing. java, ect.)
But, why not in Smalltalk?.. And in pure 3D Virtual Space (Croquet), controlling your Avatar with own body and operating on objects just with own hands..
So, using OpenKinect driver, I prepared the plugin KinectSqueak.framework and the changeset for Krestianstvo (source code is avaliable here) with Mac OS X support only for now (Window will be very soon). The latest downloadable SDK is also include Kinect support, so just download it and try the sensor, if you have one..

Happy Kinecting!