Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Open Croquet realtime art installation: Igrishe.

This 2007 year I am running the art instalation: Igrishe.
For making it, I have built a prototype of such a 'distributed slideshow' application based on Open Croquet SDK and named it with Igrishe.

Igrishe in work (distributed slideshow on 3 Walls)

The main aim of Igrishe is to allow the artists to build/run realtime performances/VJ sessions in Theatre, Art gallery and Learning labs.

In the current installation I tried to connect the real space of 3 walls with its virtual projections in 3D. All installation is rendered by 3 computers (one per wall) connected in network with running Croquet image on every machine. (scalable to any number of walls/projections)
So the artist gets the full featured connected virtual/real space to manipulate with.
For example: it is easy to model the real world scene lightning ( transitions and effects with color, moving the computer generated light source in the space of real walls); geometry transformations (dividing, adding new virtual walls); projecting video/3d animations/images synchronously; and so on. (everything is in OpenGL)
Soon I'll post more information on Igrishe, it' s sourcecode and Croquet based making realtime performances howto.

The opening day of exhibition/installation.
(at Russia State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow)

Here is one of the image sets from this installation:
The spot light is roving from left to right wall smoothly.

So, Open Croquet becomes a great SDK for building not only Virtual reality worlds, but also Augmented reality.


David A. Smith said...

Very nice work. I would love to see this in person sometime. It is a very interesting idea - one that I would like to try sometime.

Anonymous said...

How is cyrillic supported in Croquet now?

And how I can find your installation in Tretiakov Gallery (my home at 10 minutes by walk from it :)